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Feb '12

Headed To The Woods Via Portland.

Headed to the woods once I get all these damn errands done, which includes picking up GreyShard at the train station, running stuff to the shop, going to the UW Surplus house (only open Tuesday from 12-5), going to the bank, picking up an order at True that I was supposed to get on the way to the train station, grabbing a quick taco lunch, packing Swanda’s Soul for the trip (thanks again Swanda for the car swap), going back to the shop, and finally on the road by 2:30pm, only ½ hour later than I wanted.

This should give you an idea of the chaos in the car.

Dropped GS off at the place he is staying in PDX after battling rush hour traffic (damned ½ hour late), we will reconnect at the gathering as I think he is in my cabin. Might see if I can get him to come to Seaside afterwards for a couple of days Wouldn’t that be nice. Of course, the only thing available is a 3-bedroom place, might have to invite more people.

Next stop liquor store. Damn PDX stores only open until 7pm and the St. Johns one is one of those “old school” stores with all the bottles behind the counter, then you queue up and tell them what you want. And I though Washington stores were dinosaurs.

Dinner at The Fishwife. After thinking about being bad and having a “basket” which, of course, has waffle fries, went for the Tombo Tuna over a bed of vegetable Israeli couscous (looked more like bubble tea from the size!) And yes, that is the Sunday New York Times and a Maker’s Manhattan ($8) in the background (came with a small side salad).

Got to the faux nephew’s place around 8:30 and started rearranging the Scrabble tiles on the fridge:

And I do believe that he has the biggest collection of bitters that I’ve ever seen:

Early post tonight, the boy is due home any minute and I’m guessing there is drinking to be done.


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