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Feb '12

Faerie Camp, Day Three.

Tips for roughing it in the woods.

  1. Once you are done brewing the coffee, move the pot to the hottest radiator in the cabin. This saves fuel, but only keeps the coffee lukewarm, a fair trade-off as it can also stay there for hours without scorching:

  2. Make use of nature’s refrigerator and keep the white wine chilled in the snow bank outside the cabin door. Additional tip, if it starts snowing again, mark the spot with a stick:

Missed the morning heart circle (speaking from the heart without interruption or comment from the others attending) and, of course, any hint of breakfast. Meat and cheese in the cabin after coffee (and this morning a weak Bloody Mary just because DancingBear brought mix, two bottles of Vodka, as well as another two bottles of wine and most of the fifth of Knob Creek. Not sure WHY it’s in our cabin, but it seems to be a usual pattern.

The usual cocktail party starting at 4, this one ending a little after 7 (well attended), would have gone longer, but dinner cutoff is 7:30 and I need my roughage.

A dance tonight in the main lodge, doesn’t interest me much, so back to the cabin to hang with whoever shows up.

And yes, still in my pajamas (brought three sets). I look smashing in the pajamas, wolf and mink hoodie, and my Eddie Bauer style muck boots.

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