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Feb '12

Need To Clean The Office

Or Printer’s Row.

I really need to clean my office, so what do I do, I go to the wine shop and clean up the store room.

Saw Swanda on the way to the office. He wasn’t having a good day, though by the end of the day when Fluffernutter was there is was doing a little better. Keep those candles lit for him.

Shall we just call my office “Printer’s Row”?

Left hand printer = 22 pages per minute in black and white.

Three color laser printers in various sizes handling up to 11×17″ paper in various speeds. Top right is the slow and steady beast that I printed the directory on.

But oy, the piles of stuff everywhere. Many things need to be boxed and moved to the garage when they can go on shelves… once I organize the garage.

Scanned the photos for another SOTT issue, but didn’t get time to compile the next release with odd jobs for the shop. Hopefully tomorrow.


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Or Printer’s Row.

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