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Feb '12

Wine Tasting Treasure Hunt.

Noon found me bedside with Swanda and an ever growing list of things to do. No time to get a job this week! He was able to stand twice this morning and had another round of physical therapy planned for the afternoon. Seems several people in my life are getting regular physical therapy, like my father who had his first session today. They (Swanda and Dad) are on the mend, but with each of them it’s going to be a long process to get them back to where they started.

So, the wine tasting treasure hunt. Picked up Jimmy at 1:30 to head to Purple Café for a “Hand Picked Selections 2001 Rosé Offering”. I think they need better hands. Of the five we tasted, the first and the last were OK, but the middle three had acetone overtones, which you don’t really want in a wine. We were in and out in 20 minutes (and that included grazing the skimpy cheese plate). Next up we were off to Georgetown to taste the Australian wine of Henry’s Drive. The Shiraz that were in the $25-$30 wholesale range were tasty, but by the time you add our markup, I just don’t think our clientele would go for them. On the upside, they had a much nicer spread of nibbles, enough to make a light lunch. Two tastings in different neighborhoods that both started at 2pm and I was home by 3pm.

What to do with the extra time (I’d been planning on a little after 4pm to get back home): mow the back yard and alley since the sun is out and the grass is dry (a rarity for a Pacific Northwest winter).

Did get to printing up A-Board signs for the shop, but didn’t get to putting together another eBook for Sign of the Times. Where does the time go?

Tonight’s dinner was a variation on last night’s dinner. Hail the microwave. Big dinner planned for Friday night when CaddyDaddy and DancingBear duke it out to see who gets the other bedroom in Vancouver next week. Or, they could both go and sleep in the same bed.

Not even a picture or a graphic today.


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