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Mar '12

Weird Coincidence.

So today I started digitizing the artwork for all the Volume Three Sign of the Times magazines. The cover:

And as I’m scanning in the artwork, I notice this picture taken by Brian Lynch:

Probably taken at one of his Halloween parties. The weird coincidence is that back in 1988 I didn’t know any of the people in this photo. Today, I know the one on the left (Darlene, The Ambassador’s Wife), and have for the last ten or fifteen years through the Radical Faeries. I’ll have to (at some point) go through boxes in the garage and see if I still have the original. It would make a nice present.

Dinner with CaddyDaddy and DancingBear tonight. A rack of ribs and a discussion of Oh Canada next week. Looked like DB will come up for Thursday night and CD for both nights.Will be nice to split the $110 room fee.


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