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Mar '12

Of Wine And Burgers.

If it’ Monday, it must be time for a trade wine tasting. 79 Italian and Italian-style wines were open for tasting. Got there at one, and was done at 3:15. Whew!

That would be Doug, one of Jimmies former partners in EVS on Capital Hill in the middle. Arrive early before the crowds show up making it hard to get to a spit bucket, which you definitely need.

Damn cold in that warehouse, but the nibbles were good.

And speaking of nibbles, tonight’s dinner is a Zippy’s in White Center where according to Jefe, the best burgers are to be found:

Mine was the “Great Dane” with blue cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and red onions. Damn tasty. Even broke my no carbs rule for this one. No wine, or the ability to bring your own bottle, so I took my wine in an insulated coffee mug that everyone in Seattle seems to be carrying.

The rest of the evening finds me responding to a notice from Ovi regarding their shut down in three months. Ovi is a photo sharing site that started out as Twango, a Redmond start-up that I help with before they were sold to Nokia. Luckily they have provided a means to download your pictures — but in my case, there are TWENTY zip files of 5-600 megs EACH. This may take me days. What is that, like over 40 gigabytes of zippd photos. Wow.

[205.8] We’ll see what that Zippy Burger does to that number tomorrow.

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