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Mar '12

Two Big Men.

One Tiny Trunk.

Off to Vancouver today. Rich showed up at 11 and we were out the door at 11:30, with the trunk stuffed within an inch of its life:

And once we are in Vancouver and on the luggage trolley:

Only two of those bags were from grocery and booze shopping.

The condo was ready for us when we checked in at a little after 3, and by 5 when HummingBird and BamBam showed up the pupu platter was on the table. Pork loin, refried beans, salad, wine and much good conversation followed.

Later in the evening DTAW (Darlene, the Ambassadors wife) showed up to pick up copies of the Sign of the Times that she was featured in 24 years ago. Still makes me laugh that our lives intersected long before we knew each other.


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One Tiny Trunk.

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