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Mar '12

Arthur Bryants Here I Come.

Ugh. 6:30am. Maybe I should go back to bed for an hour and just park at the airport.

No. It’s out of the house and into the city to leave the car at the apartment and take light rail to the airport. Knowing it’s going to be 79 and sunny in Kansas City, no coat. Probably a mistake, but I’m to the airport before I realize I could have brought a light one and just taken it off in the airport and stuffed it into my garment bag. Oh well.

Through security quickly, and off to the Board Room where I notice this outside:

Yes, snow. Maybe that coat would have been a REALLY good thing. Oh well, I’m inside and warm, and a First Class seat awaits me for the trip to Kansas City.

Shortly after getting into Kansas City and Paul and Gail’s place, we are off to a Happy Hour at Harry’s Country Club. One of the Happy Hour specials that Paul had was a Black and Tan where the tan was hard cider. Looks nice:

Yes, we are dining outside and Paul is in shorts.

Next stop was a wine shop/wine bar/whiskey bar/whiskey shop… two floors, this is the “basement”:

And back at the house, one of my nemesis’s:

Conversation and then bed.

A long day in the air over.

[? ? ?] Was so sleeping I spaced out weighing myself this morning.

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