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Mar '12

Day Two Of The BBQ Trail.

Today we (Wendy and I) head out of town to try one of the BBQ joints reviewed by the Wall Street Journal: Perry Foster’s Bar B-Q in Warrensburg, Missouri, about an hour southeast of Kansas City.

The verdict? Good, not cheap, but not good enough to warrant an hour drive in each direction. On the way back using a different route, we were on the lookout for antique/junk shops:

The verdict? Like a bad garage sale that never ends. Walked away empty handed.

Dinner tonight is with the gang in Lawrence, Kansas at The Burger Stand at the Casbah. Shown here is my old buddy Conan. And no, I didn’t eat all of those fries, though I did have a few to soak up all the $3 Knob Creek Manhattans I was drinking. The downstairs bartender had to learn how to make them from the upstairs bartender, and don’t think he realized that the “$3 Knob Creek 1oz” special didn’t really apply to Manhattans because you have to charge for the Vermouth as well, but I wasn’t complaining, especially when he was pouring doubles and charging for singles. I had the Black and Blue Burger: features Maytag Blue Cheese and Granny Smith Apple Chutney. Yum. And yes, I did eat the bun.

Drove (not me after all those Manhattans) home and Paul made us a round of his signature cocktails, the Side Car (one part fresh squeezed lemon juice, two parts Cointreau, three parts Hennessey Cognac).

[206, which Gail informs me is light by 5 pounds]

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One Response to “Day Two Of The BBQ Trail.”

  1. Pat Fell Says:

    OK. You got me all hot & bothered. It was the “black and blue burger” that did it. Cheese & chutney is powerful stuff.