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Mar '12

Grocery List.

Today feels like a grocery list, but I’m not even shopping for groceries.

It’s that list of things you have to do, which I’ve already thrown in the trash. What I remember:

  • Blog
  • Swanda Update
  • CRFR site work
  • PayPal Donation Button
  • License Bureau— wrong paperwork for what Swanda needs to do, yet another notarized form
  • Harbor Freight to ogle tools
  • Short nap
  • Apartment to pick up mail
  • Gift shop to look for mags for Swanda¬†— BAD selection, almost bought Martha Stewart Living
  • Pay for parking for long visit with Swanda
  • Home for dinner

For the pictures today, we have the “Swanda Series” of the big man himself, and all of this new appliances, including the Hummer chair:

And the commode:

And his walker:

And Swanda at 558.6 pounds this morning smiling in the afternoon:

After Swanda it was home for cocktails, dinner, and packing for tomorrow’s trip to see both of the “faux nephews”¬†— that would be my dead brother’s widow’s new husband’s nephews, and maybe their dad as well depending on what time he gets in on Thursday.


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