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Mar '12

Start At The Shop

End In Berkeley.

The tax man cometh, and the tax man goeth in the mail.

Actually got the rest of my tax information assembled in the first hour and a half at the shop. Dropped them mail box at 23rd and Union on the way home.

Got to the house with half an hour to take a shower and change before Dancing Bear (driven by Possum) picked me up for the ride to the airport. Destination: Oakland (OAK). Really it’s Berkeley, but no direct flights. Saint Lunetta picked us up at a little before eleven.

He’s a Saint because he is taking us back to the airport at 7 in the morning.

DB was in coach, me in First. I got him upgraded for tomorrow’s flights but because the layover in the Bay Area was more than 6 hours, I couldn’t get this leg upgraded. Oh, well, he’s upgraded on the important flight — the long one from Oakland to Kona and from Kona to Oakland.

Much fun, but short lived conversation on our arrival to Berkeley, though mostly the boys were busy resolving a work problem — sounds like it’s a trying time.


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End In Berkeley.

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