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Mar '12

Boys On The Road And In The Air.

No breakfast this morning, seems no one felt like cooking even though we had the time. Oh well. Just made for a little bit of a meltdown later in the morning.

DancingBear took BreticusMaximus and his stuff to his house in Hilo, but then for some reason, brought him back. It would have made for and more comfortable ride to have left him in Hilo. But they are in a relationship and it meant two more hours of being together.

At 11:30 finally got food at the slowest Jack in the Box on the Planet — but at least we finally got some food in our system.

Returned the rental car 2 hours over our 4 days, so that jacked the price up by another $30-40. While we were checking in, the Alaska Boarding Pass machine actually let Lightning upgrade his MILEAGE BASED ticket to First Class for $100. Now THAT’S a good deal.

At the airport with the boys.

Nice ride back to Oakland (where Lightning is staying for a few days), but the plane was running late so is was well after midnight when we arrived at Mark and Onyx’s place. At least we brought them estate coffee and garlic macadamia nuts.

Off to bed, for we need to be out of the house at 8am for our (DB and myself) flight back to Seattle. Loved the First Class ticket, hated the routing.

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