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Mar '12

Early Morning At The Airport.

Late Night At The Shop.

Rolled over this morning at 7:45am and panicked. We needed to leave the house at 8am for the airport and no one was up, including me. I had starting the morning in panic mode.

Luckily it’s the Oakland Airport so it’s not that big a deal.

After a little breakfast burrito at the gate, slept through the first half of the flight, then revived for a cheese plate.

Into a cab at noon, home a few minutes after that with the cab continuing on to Dancing Bears place in the north end.

Yes enough time for me to take care of a few things before jumping in the car and heading to the Wine Shop for my 1:30 shift. Talk about cutting it close, good thing all the flights were mostly on-time. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if I missed the tasting, but it would annoy Jimmie, and that isn’t good.

Nice crowds through the store today, Jimmie didn’t get out of the place until a little after five, and I didn’t get out until almost 7:30 since a couple of customers came in right at 7. The joys of a merchant.

With stops on the way home for Scotch to trade for yet another printer, I didn’t get dinner into me until well after 8 and all I can say is “what happened to network TV on Saturday nights?” Paid programming and crap. I ended up watching Alfred Hitchcock presents in Black and White on one of the upper channels. I guess you get what you pay for, and since it’s free HDTV over the air, this is what I get.

Maybe I should have stayed in Hawaii where there was no TV.


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Late Night At The Shop.

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