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Apr '12

Slooowww Day At The Shop.

Three customers today. Maybe an all-time low, but not our worst day dollar-wise. That’s the downside of a sunny day in Seattle on Easter. People are surprised you are open, and buy lots of already chilled white wine and sparklers. Luckily Friday was good and Saturday OK — damn sunny weather.

At least I got all the typos we’ve discovered updated and reprinted. Only one bottle in the shop (and Oregon Pinot Noir) that doesn’t have a wine card for it. That and cutting naugahyde for the keyboard shelf (makes mouse much happier) and monitor stand (easier to clean wine stains from).

Jimmy popped in to talk about sign placement, which we disagree, but he’s the boss (2/3 vs. 1/3), and we do need more signage — should be up tomorrow while they are hanging the new art show. Picture to come next week.

On the up-side, it was great to commute to/from the shop with the top down. And Swanda’s bed got a sheet of 3/4″ plywood under it for his arrival home next week (thanks Fluffernutter and Josh — I just made up the plans).

Of course, I got home at 6 or so and tried to ignore the lawn that need mowing. Instead it’s time to pack to the trip to Canadaland tomorrow.

More details to follow. Just off to meet The Colonels.

Chicken Cordon Bleu over a bed of greens tonight — and the remainder of the tasting bottle from today — it won’t keep until next Wednesday when the shop is open again.


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