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Apr '12

Mystery Destination.

Up at 6am, out of the house 6:30am, onto the train at 7am, airport by 7:30am, through security (long lines, even in the “speed” line) by a little before 8, and safely in the Board Room.

So safe that I almost forgot to swing by duty-free to pick up some cheap booze. In this case it turns out that Wild Turkey was 20% off meaning $20.50 for a liter. I was a little surprised that with 70 something people on the flight there were only three people who got duty-free. Odd, considering the cost of booze and cigarettes in CanadaLand. Opps, I’ve just given a hint to my destination.

Identify the city and the airport — no consulting FaceBook where the mystery was solved by the first guess.

The view of the city from the balcony of the hotel.

The view of the airport view from the balcony.

It’s another early morning of out of bed and off to the next terminus.


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