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Apr '12

Crazy Sunday At The Shop

On the way to the shop this morning, I swung by the apartment for coffee with Swanda and his sister (well, the sister doesn’t drink coffee, but you get the point). He was looking quite pleased to be back home.

We started the day with about six dirty wine glasses that didn’t fit in yesterday’s load, and by the time the mob that showed up for the Artist Reception from 3-5 (which ran until 5:30 – thank you Jim for letting me get out on time) we only had nine clean glasses left (well, when I left at 5). Whew.

Not a bad day at the shop, not stellar.

But if you want the stellar deal on wine, check this out:


Those are some seriously good case deals – needless to say, I called all my friends who are planning weddings. I even handed a flyer to the bus drivers who is a regular customer. We are taking the last of the 2007 stock from a micro-winery that was forced to move and go out of business because of the viaduct tunnel replacement project.

Dinner with CaddyDaddy – Pork Chops, Salad, Rice for Rich.

Didn’t get squat done on reading scholarship applications, or evening getting the review forms printed.

Guess we will be reading the apps on the beach, or by the pool.


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