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Apr '12

Monday Dinner With Elkerton.

With the sun out it was time to knock back the lawn. While I was at it, I dumped four wheelbarrows full of gravel in the ruts down the alley a bit. Trust me, four is about sixteen too few.

Did a little shopping in advance of Elkerton’s visit, Safeway for meat, Liquor Store for Bourbon.

We have a project for tonight – scanning in an 80-page scrapbook that his foreign exchange student made for them at the end of her stay. It’s a really cool piece. The plan is to take the scans and turn them into a book (or two) for her, Greg’s mother, etc. Here are a couple of images from the project:

We got maybe 20% of the pages scanned tonight before and after dinner.

Speaking of dinner, that would be steaks on the grills, grilled red peppers, salad, and a new items on the menu – mashed cauliflower (think mashed potatoes but with cauliflower). I need to work on the spicing and get the moisture down a bit, but this will be an interesting dish for Swanda as he removes carbohydrates from his system (and you all know I avoid them).

Stayed up too late, think it’s going to be a slow morning.

Needless to say, Mr. Elkerton slept on the bed in the office.


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