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Apr '12

Thursday Madness,

Wonderful Dinner.

More running around town today – Swanda’s to drop off Handicap Placard, Jim’s in install DropBox that didn’t install yesterday, liquor store for Swanda, Wonderful’s to pick up an item of clothing for next week, and then home to start marinating the boneless country style pork ribs for dinner tonight.

Today’s humorous picture – Jim’s home desk and his collection of readers:

I admit that I have a few pairs – though they don’t usually end up all in the same place.

More organizing and labeling. At this rate, by the time my brother arrives this weekend, there might be a clean office for him to crash in.

Oops! Almost forgot to post this — the first hundred people to click on the link below get a free download of the Sign of the Times Anthology in eBook form:

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Now I’m done.


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Wonderful Dinner.

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