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Apr '12

Dinner With The Bro.

Day One.

Silly me rushing around the house to open the shop on time – only to realize it was my week to CLOSE the shop not OPEN it.

Left Jim in charge and went and took a nap on Swanda’s floor – seemed simpler than going home.

Brother got to the shop around 3:30 for the wine tasting, all McCrea offerings, and a rarity as their “low-end” wines start at $25 and head up to $40 for their flagship Syrah. That meant that we had $142 worth of wine open for the tasting (usually it’s half that).

I didn’t get home until 7:30 and dinner wasn’t on the table until eight: pan-fried pork loins was the main, spinach was the side. No bread in site.


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Day One.

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