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May '12

Friday In The Shop.

Up and out of the house for my monthly Friday workday (first Friday of the month for those keeping track).

Not a bad day at the shop for a Friday, barely had time to finish today’s Wall Street Journal with all the deliveries coming in, stocking to do, customers to call with their special orders. But that’s a good thing.

It’s weird that when I get off at 7pm, its well after 8 by the time I eat. Almost nine tonight. I guess it isn’t that weird, it’s that it isn’t my usual schedule.

Most of the evening was filled with writing postcards and getting a couple of packages ready for the mail. Mother’s Day present to Mom, train stuff to Dwight, checks to the bank.

Tonight emergency was an email from United that they’d changed my next Saturday flight from 4:30 in the afternoon to 9:30am – which would be bad since the train doesn’t get in until 9, and last May when I was on the same route, it was running several hours late, making for VERY tense customers.

Half an hour on the phone and I’m back on my original flights – seems that they added 5 minutes to the flight time which left me with under an hour between flights, 55 minutes. It will be tight, but customs/immigration is in Canada and I’m sitting in the front row on both legs. If I get to the airport early I might try and snag the earlier flight even if it is in coach. Hell of a thing to do to your customer a week before their departure. Oops. No earlier flight unless I get to the airport REALLY early.

Off to bed.


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