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May '12

Back In The Sunday Saddle.

Sounds like Jimmy had a wild day in the shop yesterday for the local May Fair parade and festival. Last year was kinda dead, this year, with the sun out, was well attended. Not that I could have changed my plans (unless I few home from Winnipeg!) but with bottles open all day, he certainly went through every glass in the shop. Time to pick up some more since we have another empty rack.

Not quite that wild for me. It was a respectable day and a nice cap to the week.

Closed the door at 5, headed down the hill for some last minute shopping for dinner, got home about 5:35 or so. By a little after six I’d done the prep work for a dinner for five and was waiting for the guests: Erik, Hunter (a Facebook friend of Erik and now mine), and two friends of Hunters. All but Erik are in from Atlanta.

Mixed grill. Some pork, chicken, salmon (which the vegetarian Erik actually ate some), stuffed portabellas, grilled bell peppers, saffron/cranberry rice (not as good as I was hoping) served with a salad and SodoVino wines.

Ever had one of those dinner parties where it just doesn’t click and you are relieved when they all leave – that would be tonight. Nothing I can put my finger on, just relief.

With the boys gone, it gave me a chance to ponder something that hit me yesterday while I was travelling. I need 107,912 more flight miles on United to attain lifetime Premier Gold status (three free bags, advanced economy plus seats, bonus miles, easier freebie upgrades). Considering I haven’t flown revenue miles with them for at least a year… and the feeling that I’d have to hold my nose to fly that much more with them, I’m in a quandary. I certainly can’t get the 100,000 this year, I’d be lucky to bag 25,000 to keep my Premier status.

Maybe I just need to fly around the world and deposit the miles.

As for the worries of weight gain on the trip with the combination of being out of stock with Alli and 4 days of three full meals a day on the train. Not bad. The number below is only one pound up, but well within the usual swing of daily numbers.


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  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    Maybe you are simply fatigued!