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May '12

Anyone Need A House In Santa Fe?

So, between working around the house and poking around the web, I found the listing for my parents house in Santa Fe.

According to my mother, they Photoshopped in the fire in the fireplace.

The other amusing offer to cross my desk today was an opportunity to camp out at the South Pole.

The cost?

  • $ 46,450 (Same price single/double)
  • $ 4,290 (6-day Pre-Expedition Cruise – Single)
  • $ 230 (Pre-Expediation New Year’s Eve Stay – Single)
  • $ 300 (Expedition Gear Rental assuming you don’t have your own parkas, zero degree sleeping bag, boots)

The itinerary?

2013 Expedition To Antarctica Overview

Friday – Wednesday Dec 28 – Jan 2 Optional 6-day Pre-Expedition New Year’s Cruise
Monday December 31 Punta Arenas: Optional Pre-Expedition New Year’s Eve Stay
Day 1 Tuesday January 1 Arrive Punta Arenas, Chile
Day 2 Wednesday January 2 Expedition Clothing Review; Penguin Colony Excursion
Day 3 Thursday January 3 Expedition Briefing and Baggage Pickup
Day 4 Friday January 4 Flight to Union Glacier, Antarctica (79° S)
Day 5 Saturday January 5 Orientation to Antarctica and Acclimatization
Day 6 & Day 7 Sunday & Monday January 6 & January 7 Overnight South Pole Experience
Day 8 & Day 9 Tuesday & Wednesday January 8 & January 9 Heart of Antarctica / Meteorite Search
Day 10 Thursday January 10 Return to Punta Arenas, Chile
Day 11 Friday January 11 Punta Arenas and Onward


Sounds fun, but a little pricey.

Dinner with Swanda tonight. Steaks, asparagus in Alfredo sauce, cole slaw. All good until the Humpty Dumpty moment but all was fine by the time I left.

And FYI, I’m back in “must book travel” mode.

Stay tuned for details.


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One Response to “Anyone Need A House In Santa Fe?”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    beatiful home and you wouldn’t have to mow!