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May '12

Travel Is In The Air.

Well, several odd coincidences… I was checking out the cost for the ferry between Tawassan and Duke Point on Vancouver Island to send to Wonderful and CaddyDaddy, two possible roommates for the Colonels 2-bedroom condo the first full week in June, only to find out that the days we need to travel are 25% off (though a portion is eaten up by the $15 reservation fee, but I’ve missed enough boats on Fridays to not want to risk it). That’s almost as good as the 15% off Round-The World airfare that I passed on.

So, reservations made for both Fridays (8th and 15th), now I just need someone to use condo with who can go up on Friday and then pick me up at the Clipper terminal (using my 50% off coupon) on Monday so I don’t have to ask for Saturday and Sunday off. I suppose that I could just delay checking in until Monday assuming they permit that.

Other reservations made and unmade:

Turned back in my frequent flier mile First Class ticket from SF to Cabo San Lucas for after my birthday cruise

Booked Rich and I from SF to Seattle for after the birthday cruise (still need to make train reservations to get to Vancouver) using miles, though I might buy tickets if the price comes down

Booked Rich and I from Seattle to Cabo San Lucas the next day using my $99 companion fare, coach down, but used my last two Guest Upgrades to return us in First

Booked myself to Santa Fe early next month to go through the parents’ house to see if there is anything else besides speakers and the sewing machine that I want

Whew. Still need to tell everyone else what’s happening.

Finished up weed-eating the rest of the yard now that I have more trimmer string. Hopefully the sun will stay out and just turn the lawn a nice brown.

Dinner with Wonderful tonight. Braised lamb shanks – the two hour cook time melt in your mouth recipe. Now what to do with all the leftover stock/soup/liquid that it cooked in. Lamb stock? Just add more vegetables and make soup? Who knows.

Long after dinner call with RobinHood over the planning of the summer gathering at Breitenbush. Looks like I’ve roped myself into sending out the call – at least it’s via postcard this time.


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