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May '12

Thursday Back At College.

Left town around 1 headed for Olympia, with 2 stops at Safeway to restock the freezer – my meat supply is dangerously low – down to only half the freezer.

Tonight’s gig at The Evergreen State College is the annual recognition dinner – and it being the 40th anniversary of the college, I thought I’d go and drag CaddyDaddy along with me.

Time to get dressed up (though I left the sport coat at home):

We clean up pretty good, and the food was pretty good as well.

Needless to say, I’m spending the night down in Olympia with all the free wine that was flowing.


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One Response to “Thursday Back At College.”

  1. bam bam Says:

    Handsomes! I though it was Catty Daddy not caddy daddy.