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May '12

Friday In Print Hell.

Got back around noon from Olympia. Logged in for email, found approval from the QRs for the summer gathering so it’s time to print the postcard call for the gathering.

Basically it’s a 500 postcard mailing, most in the US, some in Canadaland and six overseas.

By 5:00pm the cards were printed, taken to FedExOffice to be cut, then to the post office for $185 in postage, reverse side mail merged from the mailing list complete with return address, and finally stamped.

Next stop is the post office on the way to a birthday party/house centennial party with friends of my from Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio) attending.

Good to see the kids, but I ducked out of the party around 8 and headed home with the top down – our run of sun continuing for another couple of days yet.

Spent the rest of the evening making changes to the Gathering Website (http://www.cascadiafaeries.org) for the summer gathering. Now all that’s left it the true pain-in-the-arse electronically submittable PDF of the registration form.

But that’s tomorrow.

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