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May '12

Monday, Monday.

Lots of time working on making a PDF form that you can fill out, and then click and submit. All day, three versions, none working yet. Frustrating.

This is before and after a wine tasting downtown – wines from the Loire Valley in France. Mostly whites, with a few bland reds. 77 wines later at the Palace Ballroom (a Tom Douglas venue). It didn’t hurt that there were three different “terrines” there to feast on: rabbit/pistachio, duck, and country. Great for a low-carb diet.

And with the rain today, we have today’s picture of the combination of water and blooms on the Empress Tree:

I’ve been thinking of chopping down the big one as a new smaller one is coming up two feet further from the Arbutus/Madrona by the walk, allowing it to grow away from the walk, and towards the sun. The Madrona does not transplant well, so the fact that one self-seeded itself in my front yard is a lucky break – funny that there was an old Madrona in front of the church on Lopez as well.

And, of course, the star of the photo is the out-of-control rosemary tree at the front left.

Steak and salad for dinner, what’s new.


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