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May '12

The End Is Here.

The end is here – for my subscription to the Wall Street Journal. I went in to update some suspend notices only to find that today is the last day of my subscription. Since they only allow the use of airline points for NEW subscriptions I guess I’m going to do without. Cold turkey as it were. If I can’t take it I might try a 30 day sample of the WSJ online, maybe on the Ken Doll (Kindle Fire).

Just a pretty lazy day around the house – didn’t leave until the house until 4:30 when it was time to head to Swanda’s place for dinner.

Nothing really shaking today – I did make a train reservation for late August. My buddy from Vancouver is arriving on a Monday to do some shopping at Filsons, then heads to LA on the train the next morning in a sleeper – and I thought it would be fun to book the room across the hall from him, which required a phone call (which I dislike) to Amtrak as you can’t specify cabin assignment when booking on-line. GREAT customer service at Amtrak at 10pm at night, actually ended up chatting for a bit after the reservation was confirmed – must have been the whiskey talking — and not sure why it was $111.90 when on-line it was $115. How’s that for a run-on sentence. I think I’ll try the new bus service for the return trip – BoltBus which is a joint venture of Greyhound and Peter Pan lines. They are out of the Northeast but have recently started Express Service in brand new wi-fi equipped busses between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland (no intermediate stops) dropping off at the International District in Seattle and 6th and Salmon in Portland (ViaRail station in Vancouver).


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