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Jun '12

Quiet Sunday At The Shop.

A quiet Sunday at the shop. Good thing yesterday’s totals were good (as were Friday’s, but that’s more from billing the wine club sales).

Closed up at 5… was thinking of staying later, but with as slack as the day was, why bother when packing for the trip awaits me.

Odd things in my checked bag:

  • 3 external hard disks (one for Mom, two for Jenifer) that I made out of the hard drives I salvaged from their dead computers
  • Bottle of Vermouth (for mom)
  • Bottle of Pinot Grigio for Jennifer
  • Bottle of NW Wine Academy Zinfandel to share with everyone

Think 35# bag. I’ll fill up the space on the return leg with liquor and belt sanders.

Put some boneless country-style pork ribs (not sure how they can call them “ribs” when they are “boneless” in the convention oven for tonight’s meal.

Tried to go to bed early as 4am comes early.


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