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Jun '12

Back In The Saddle.

Back in the saddle quickly as I work all day at the shop today. Once a month I work a Friday to keep our hours balance 2/3 (Jim), 1/3 (Me). Friday’s are hectic with all the wine that was ordered on Wednesday showing up. I figure there were eight different deliveries today.

Before I forget – yesterday when I came home I was greeted by four newspapers on the front walk – apparently my subscription Wall Street Journal is continuing for who knows how long. Wonder if I can still put in cancellations for the future even though it says I’m expired.

Dollarwise a good day at the shop. Even Wednesday and Thursday were good days (which is welcome, but rare). Heres to opening the trend continues through the weekend and beyond.

Business was so good today that I didn’t get out of the shop until 7:30 since people kept wondering in and buying things – I had to open a second tasting bottle at 6:45 (and we normally close at 7)!

The lateness of getting out of there meant dinner at 9 tonight – grilled salmon and the last of my lettuce. Off to Trader Joes tomorrow as I have Jill and her Mum coming on Sunday after work for dinner.

Better get to bed.

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