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Jun '12

Errands And Shop Duty.


  • Trader Joes for lettuce, salad dressing and to see if they have booze (no)
  • Bank to deposit work check and check from last week’s odd job with expenses


  • Showed up at 1:30
  • 2-4 lots of folks through
  • 4-6 nothing other than friends handing out
  • Couple of people before close


  • Party at Jill’s place to celebrate her graduation
  • Home by 9:30

And fixing old posts, here are the odd things I missed in the posting for Thursday – what I checked as luggage:

  • Two bottles of whiskey (one Irish Single Malt, one Lismore Scotch)
  • One bottle of Arthur Bryant’s BBQ sauce
  • Belt Sander
  • Box of sanding belts
  • New Mexico license plate dust pan
  • And the kicker – the picnic table

Closed it looks like a hunting rifle case – hence TSA opening it (and the bag with the booze and the sander in it), and the picnic table open:


I’m thinking perfect to add to my camping gear for Longhouse/American Ridge/Breitenbush – now to figure out how it fits into the car. Might be time to make some custom bags that nest. Guess I’m going zipper hunting now that I have a new sewing machine.

More work tomorrow.


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