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Jun '12

Dinner With Swanda

And Global Freeloaders

Today’s errand is to pick up all the things that I bought yesterday at the UW Surplus Sale.

Thanks Swanda for the use of the car.

And reassembled (the printer that is):

And the rolley cart thing:

Still no idea of what I’m going to do with these things. That’s for another day to decide.

Today’s big excitement is dinner at Swanda’s with Wonderfool. But, of course, before dinner there was some rearranging to do first to take some of the “hospital” look out of the apartment and turn it back into social mode.

Steaks under the broiler was my cooking contribution, deviled eggs and cole slaw was Swanda’s contribution, and Wonderfool did the moving that I couldn’t having stressed myself earlier getting the printer out of Swanda’s van.

Got home around eight and my Global Freeloaders arrived about nine. Two 19-year-olds from Lansing, Michigan that flew to Fairbanks and are hitchhiking back to Michigan via San Francisco. Ambitious to say the least – especially the AlCan highway.


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And Global Freeloaders

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