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Jun '12

If It’s Tuesday,

It Must Be Seaside.

By the time I was done fiddling around with blog stuff, uploading a video and breakfast it was 1pm before I left for Seaside.

On and off weather (sun punctuated by showers) all the way to the coast.

I was amazed that the room was ready at a little before three – usually the Seaside WorldMark is 4pm straight up since they have so many rooms to turn over and clean. I got the room all set up and then headed out to pick up SeasideBoy. Won’t have much time to spend with him as he has a BBQ to go to tonight. Hopefully he will come back in the morning before I have to leave for Coos Bay.

The weather has stabilized here in Seaside. The view from my deck:

After I dropped him home it was time for a Safeway run to get stuff for dinner. Cruising the bargain meat bin I found a filet mignon wrapped in bacon for 50% off, and other scores were the BBQ sauce (also 50% off) and a bunch of other goodies. The only thing that wasn’t 50% off was the salad. It made a damn tasty dinner.

Since the condos don’t have ice buckets – the blender body will have to do.

Owner reeducation in the morning. If it didn’t include breakfast and $100 I wouldn’t put myself through the shark tank (I mean sales presentation).

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It Must Be Seaside.

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