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Jun '12

Saturday Opening The Shop.

My turn to open the shop so I was a little surprised to find Jim open and behind the counter when I showed up at 10:45 (for the 11AM opening). GlassyBaby was having their twice yearly 2nds sale so he came up to hand out flyers and open the shop early.

Not a bad day at the shop. Can’t wait to see the numbers for the month. The last two months were good (though we can always use more).

Overcast but not raining… guess that means it’s time to mow the lawn since I work tomorrow, then it’s the Tres Dindons release party at Jim, then home to finish packing.

After the lawn it was time to start packing. I did get the wine headed south packed up. On the return trip it will be replaced with whiskey. Got to do something about the Washington State prices. I wonder how long before they start catching people organizing “buying pools” to take a box truck to California and stock up.

Had a ridiculously long (for me) chat with Dad about his prostate cancer (PSA numbers doubled but no symptoms) and the boxing up of the house for their move to El Castillo. They are making some progress, but there is a ton of junk to get out of the house – everything from a baby grand piano (going to the Desert Academy where my nieces go/went) to tools to furniture that won’t fit. I’ll wait until they are settled before I go back down.

A seafood salad over a bed of greens was the evening meal – mussels, clams, squid, surimi (fake crab).

Some clothes set aside, just need to figure out which case I’m taking.


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