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Jul '12

Slow But Busy Sunday.

Slow day for customers at the shop but still plenty to do like run all the credit cards for the July Madrona Wines Monthly. One declined card, one expired card –both fixed by the end of the day. And then there was stickering our new paper bags – the city instituted a plastic bag ban starting today (luckily we can still use the ones that we have in stock).

Cute huh?

Last customer of the day was Jen from Green Fire Products who swung by to buy wine and drop off a dozen individually customized flasks:

They are part of an art piece/performance piece I’m planning for Breitenbush Hot Springs the summer. The twelve flasks are:

  1. Bourbon
  2. Dry Gin
  3. Vodka
  4. Flavored Vodka
  5. Dry Vermouth
  6. Sweet Vermouth
  7. Pirate Dark Rum
  8. Pirate Light Rum
  9. Grappa
  10. Tequila
  11. Scotch
  12. Brandy

Here is a shot of the belt the flasks will be held in, though it only has six spaces (it’s a dive weight belt) so I may have to make a bandoleer to hold the other six – and maybe some underarm holsters for mixers or glassware:

The flasks engraved with:

Bliss and I are going to give the belt a training run on the train trip to California tomorrow.

After work it was the Turkey Release Party – the latest bottling of Tres Dindons wines by Jim and crew – served with lots of roasted pig and a bunch of our wine distributor reps making appearances. I couldn’t stay long (shopping and packing still needed) but it was fun and filling while it lasted.

On a lark I stopped at Bartell’s to look for Alli® since everyone has been out of stock for months and I noticed that the price on Amazon had actually come down to expensive rather than astronomical. Nope, not at Bartell’s but across the street at Walgreens – YES. Perfect for the trip on the train with all the fat in the dining car. Whilst shopping I stumbled across this lovely children’s table and car set for The Colonels at Frog Hallow farm:

So very tempting.

And even got to bed at a decent hour.



2 Responses to “Slow But Busy Sunday.”

  1. Colonel Kate Says:

    So, should we expect this in the post soon??

  2. markso Says:

    Didn’t think you had any kidlings that small around the farm.