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Jul '12

Pulling A Train, All Day Long.

Up at 7am, out of the house at 8am, Bliss’s place at 8:30, train station by 9am – and oh what a mess it was. During the height of the summer season the closed down the main waiting room and split ticketing and check-in to two ends of the newly renovated but not done space. It was a joy to board the train and get settled into our tiny roomette.

Speaking of roomette, how about a couple of shots in the roomette:

Bliss called this shot of him “The Madman of Amtrak”.

These are shots from his iPhone using some “old-timey” picture app. Ah, technology.

Interesting people to share the lunch table with, interesting person to share the wine and cheese tasting in the afternoon with, odd people to spend dinner with, thank goodness Chatty Bliss was around to take up the slack.

Two more shots for the day and then I’m done. First, the Flask Belt in action:

It sort of makes me look like a UniBomber with a SuicideBelt.

And the final shot of the day, a little scenery from the train:

Tomorrow we wake up in California – at the time of going to bed, train was over an hour behind schedule. Maybe we will be able to sleep in.


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