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Jul '12

Chilling In Berkeley.

Day One in Berkeley, sitting around the house chilling out after our 8:30am arrival – which was on-time, which meant for a bit of a rush to get through breakfast. Apparently we made up over two hours between Eugene and Emeryville (the Amtrak stop for Berkeley). The boys are crazy busy with work and as much as they’d like to hang out and talk, just not possible, and just not easy with a new roommate and two visiting guests.

At least there is time for a nap to make up for the incomplete sleep from last night.

Mid-day we hatched a plan for tomorrow, the 4th, and a day off for the boys. The plan is to head to Napa Valley and visit one of the boys favorite winery for a tour and a tasting paired with chocolates.

The place: Castello di Amorosa which is apparently some remanufactured Castle set on a hillside in Napa.

Just the four of us for dinner tonight; roommate has other plans.

And that dinner? Scallops wrapped in bacon served with a lemon berre blanc sauce and a side salad. Brought six bottles of wine down from the shop. The selections for tonight are a Willamette Valley pinot noir-based Rosè and an Argentine Malbec.

Much talking late into the night.

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