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Jul '12

Last Day In Berkeley.

Today’s big errand is a liquor run to fill the 6-pack shipper that came down with wine. The list:

  • Light Rum (Appleton)
  • Dark Rum (Appleton)
  • Grappa (2, one for tonight, one for the road)
  • Lismore Scotch (2, one for the house, one for the road)
  • 1.75 of Evan Williams for $15 (half Seattle cost)
  • Brandy (Mexican)
  • Vodka (potato-based)

Plus I have to pack a bottle of Fantasia from the Castle Winery for Bliss so he doesn’t have to pay $20 to pack a bag.

Three photos for today’s spread… four boys on the bed:

And lovely a flowering cactus on the back deck:

Dinner tonight was sausages, vermouthed kraut and steamed asparagus with a hollandaise (thanks Onyx, master of the sauce).

Another late evening of late chatting.


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