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Jul '12

If It’s Tuesday…

It Must Be UW Surplus Day.

I can’t believe I screwed up and didn’t get the notice for my dentist appointment until 15 minutes before – totally thought it was Wednesday – which it is now that I cancelled to tell them no way could I make the appointment since they are a minimum of 45 minutes away. Reset for tomorrow at 3pm (meaning I return in the middle of rush hour) as they had a cancellation.

Early afternoon found me at the UW Surplus Sale… and scored a bunch of toner for the HP4500 Color LaserJet along with the even rarer fuser, and imaging drums – all marked at $10. Retail is more like $500 for the lot. I like the $60 better.

And combined with what I already have in stock…. I think I have enough for a while. Luckily, Wonderfool also has the same model (and one for parts).

I rewarded myself with a nice steak dinner and a couple of glasses of wine.

And no, still haven’t mowed the lawn. May not, may just let it die in the heat.


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It Must Be UW Surplus Day.

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