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Jul '12

Finally, The Lawn Is Done.

The day of errands.

Got new bolts and lock-tite for the portable picnic table – it seems that with all the travelling it’s done (flying from Santa Fe and then strapped to the back rack of the Miata) seems nuts and bolts were working themselves loose.

One chore down before starting the next one… tackling the yard.

By the end of the day, all three chunks of the lawn (front, back, alley) were mowed and weed-whacked, and the Madrone (Arbutus in Canadian) was trimmed back – still need strap it to the Princess tree (so it will start growing straight rather than trying to get out from other the canopy).

Now what I need to do is spend several days in the garage cleaning and organizing. Another day.

I was going to do steak for dinner, but when it came time it turned into a Chef’s Salad and broccoli in a cheese sauce. The steak will hold for tomorrow.


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