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Jul '12

Full Day Whistler-Creekside.

Lazy morning with Swanda up hours before me. Nothing new there.

Apparently I’ve missed an 8:45am phone call – will look into after coffee 2x and breakfast. I can do email on coffee alone, but not talking to people.

When I finally get to voicemail (ponying up the $ per minute fee since I’m in Canadaland), it’s a call from QuickenLoans about my mortgage refinance. They want to set a closing date – does Monday the 30th work to send the notary TO MY HOUSE to sign the docs. Hell yes.

Got this email to confirm:

Hello –

This is a friendly reminder from the Quicken Loans Closing Team regarding the property at 1036 S ROSE ST, Loan Number: 330XXXXX398. You are scheduled to sign your closing documents on 07/30/2012, at 10:00 .

If you have any questions/concerns regarding your appointment, please contact the Closing Hotline at 800-226-6308 Extension 1XX67. The Closing Hotline is available from 8am-11pm EST Monday through Friday, and on Saturday from 9am-5pmEST.

Thank you!

What this does to my payment is significant:

  • Current payment: $1525.86
  • New payment: $1121.88
  • Savings: $403.98
  • Percent savings: 26.47556 (round numbers, over 25%)

At a little over $1100 a month it doesn’t make sense to downsize to an apartment since any neighborhood I’d want would be over that with parking. Maybe I should rent out the second bedroom and move my printing equipment in to the garage (rent would pay for insulating the garage).

Another day.

My version of a celebration photo:

Here is the view from the hot-tub….

Swanda left a little after 11am for a meeting in Whistler Village with the hotel that they book for the American Thanksgiving weekend with his club. Nice to have some quiet time though saying that I should also say that it isn’t usually an issue with us – we both need it and feel no need to fill every silence with chatter.

Dinner tonight is pork loins on the BBQ, the left-over asparagus, a big salad with hare-boiled eggs and tomatoes and a nice bottle of rosé.

Trying to go to bed earlier tonight since tomorrow we are out of the condo at 9am to miss rush hour traffic in Seattle.

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