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Jul '12

Oh, The Lovely Lines At The Border…

Up at 7… OK, the coffee arrived at 7, 7:30 was more like it after a sip, snore, sip, snore routine.

OF course, Swanda had been up for hours.

By 9 we were out the door, and checked out – and a quick stop at the mini-mart for some diet ice tea (to drink and then fill the bottle with the whiskey I didn’t finish) and on the road are we.

Swanda drove like a bat-outta-hell down the mountain, me not even bothering with a seat belt, no prettier place for the end.

Here are a couple of great shots of what awaited us at the border after going through Duty Free (Jameson for Swanda, but really for Fluffernutter and 80 proof Wild Turkey for me):

The Nexus line to our right… the “speed lane” where you can see the customs booth, and more importantly, the Nexus line stretching back – even they had a 30+ minute wait, ours was more like an hour plus.

I beleive this time Swanda might be serious about getting his Nexus card… though he did say that the last time as well.

Back to Seattle in time for early rush hour. Swanda doesn’t deal well with delays. I’m a little more Zen, but then again, I can just nod off.

For some reason I thought I had dinner with Lynn from Lopez – but that’s the 10th, so once I’d picked up packages at the apartment (Alli® and a drink holder for the scooter) it was in for the night for a steak dinner (unless you count a late night taco run on the scooter).


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