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Aug '12

Thursday At The Shop.

Well, the on-going saga of the Faerie Directory debacle is continuing. This morning I get up to files that won’t print and don’t fit the printer.

Solution: reformat

Grab the RTF and the photos and reflow the damn thing. I got the names and photos done before I had to leave for the office – and at the office got the translation between faerie name and mundane name at the office…. Before starting to work on the Great Art Party website that we lost a week of updates because of an IP address change. The joys of free hosting (well, almost free).

Luckily the shop was slow – it’s a Thursday after all.

But here are shots AFTER I closed the shop and balanced the books. Stocking glasses:

But wait – when I’m locking up, customers.

Considering she bought almost $90 worth of wine (three bottles with tax), well worth doing the math for a double reconciliation.

Home a little later than usual, and instantly into making the printers spit out directories:

Why is it that I own five high speed laser printers, three of which are color? Right, for projects like this.

It’s going to be a long night, luckily tomorrow I’m off work, with just dinner with Lynn of Lopez.


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