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Aug '12

The Lopez Invasion.

No work today, unless you count having the Faerie Printer running at full tilt cranking out 1000 two-sided 8.5×14 pages for the directory. Having one less page this summer (which is odd as it’s the larger of the two twice-yearly gathering) is cutting down the print time. Will definitely be done by tomorrow.

Errands during the day – the apartment to drop off Olympics articles for Chris, Safeway for groceries, then home to find a big check in the mail so off again to get that in the bank as they tend to hold a portion of the funds when the checks are that big.

The plan for dinner tonight was braised lamb shanks with Lopez Lynn, along with a salad and some home-made dinner rolls. What it turned into was a three-way with Lopez Ron who was also it town though not for medical issues (Lynn) but for the annual gift show as he runs Paper, Scissors, on the Rock on Lopez. Luckily, Ron had noshed at the gift show and was happy with a salad and roll as there were only two lamb shanks (had I only known, I would have done three).

It almost felt like I was back on the island.

Such unexpected fun that I forgot to get any pictures.


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