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Aug '12

Canadian Invasion

Errands during the day, Canadians by night.

NeonBender, Hummingbird, and BamBam arrived a little after 4 and promptly set to work folding and binding all the directories for the faerie gathering. Light work with many hands while I worked on prepping an evening meal and getting the artwork together for towelettes to be handed out at the gathering. Here is the basic jist of what they look like:

While the other side has the phrases:

  • Better Than Bacon
  • Bordeauxing On The Insane
  • Whine A Little
  • Liquid Pleasure

Jillar and Murphy showed up a little after six and they were quickly added to the dinner table. Two roast chickens, a big salad, and some baguettes that looked more like Klingon weapons than bread.

A fun evening, but again, the packing fell a little short.

So much for a 10am departure in the morning.


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