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Aug '12

The Faeries Arrive.

A lazy morning of missing breakfast and having meat and cheese at the cabin instead – the standard Breitenbush breakfast is heavy on carbs and low on protein (forgive the occasional frittata).

Out of the cabin by one (though we were closer to noon), but my bags stacked by our new cabin, B2, the only one of the cabins with its own shower.

Me thinks I brought too much stuff.

The land is a very different place before the Faeries arrive – heterosexual couples, children, the works. It’s a battle to remember to look at the sign on the bathroom door before just walking into the closest one.

They had our cabin cleaned and ready to move into at 3, and by 4 I was all set up for the masses.

Note the sun-tea brewing on the ramp.

The gates for the gathering opened and in trickled the faeries. The gathering is officially open.

Lots of people stopped by the cabin for wine, cocktails, and much cheese, meat, crackers, etc. By the time we were missing dinner there were a dozen folding chairs and much laughter.

Of course that also means that I missed the opening ritual and Faerie 101 for all the newbies.

It’s nice to be home.

To bed late, but with nowhere to go in the morning, no worries.

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