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Sep '12

Good Day At The Shop.

Good Month At The Shop.

Good day at the shop – Jim was busy all morning – and Scott Southard from Southard Winery was pouring for the tasting. Darling 33-year-old ginger-headed winemaker that produces stunning wines considering their first vintage was 2007.

It also helped the day’s sales that it is the first of the month – meaning all the wine club shipments enter the system. And for August, even with a couple of bad weeks, we were up a couple of grand thanks to two weddings.

Customers past closing, but that just means more sales. Ran out of samples right at the end as well, so that means a fresh bottle for the morning (and probably half of it going home with me)… what goes with fish?

Thought about St. Clouds as I was starving and it’s right next door, but Gage wasn’t behind the bar and I really like his Manhattans – guess I’ll check out Med-Mix on the corner of 23rd and Union.

Short review: parts of the mashed potatoes and gravy were cold, but since I shouldn’t be eating them I think of that as Karma, fried chicken good, slaw good. Rating: average. At least it was under $10, which I couldn’t have even gotten my drinks for $10 at St. Clouds.

Dropped a bottle off at one of our customers house and headed home for a quiet evening.


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Good Month At The Shop.

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