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Sep '12

It’s Official.

Its official – the Wall Street Journal has stopped coming to the front porch three months after it was supposed to expire. Oh well, a long run is now a done run. Guess I’ll have to use that code my buddy in Hong Kong gave me for the digital edition, and now maybe I’ll catch up on the New Yorker which I’m a month behind – and then there is the stack of books. For a guy that doesn’t have a full time job I don’t seem to have a lot of spare time for reading.

Today is all about getting the Great Art Party catalog out of the door and out of my life. Print, Print, Print. With one quick run to the shop to grab a check, then to the bank to deposit it and another it was back to the house to… print, print, print.

Dinner came and went while it was print, print, print.

9ish Wonderful showed up to start binding the catalogs and by 11pm we were done and he was out the door to probably start or continue packing boxes to move stuff into the ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel where the Great Art Party is scheduled for 6:30 on Saturday.

Me? I went to bed.

[211.2 Damn carbs on the road.]

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