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Sep '12

Dinner With BrightHeart And Lynda-Jei.

Apparently I brought Seattle weather with me… rain, rain, rain – though they do need it.

Lazy day around the house working on the computer, uploading the new Adobe Suite 6 Master Collection and downloading my e-books off the Libboo site as they rework their business model that doesn’t include a publishing engine (or at least from what I can tell). Dan turned me onto this great program for managing (and creating) eBooks – it’s called Calibre (link included). It’s free software (donations appreciated) that lets you (among other things) turn ePubs into Mobi files (Kindle uses Mobi files), or can create an ePub/Mobi from a PDF file. I spent an hour or so figuring out how to eBook one of the Pigletté & BoBo books. I don’t have one of the Piglettè series in final form, but I do have two other titles converted for Kindles.

Just click on the above for a link to the .mobi file which you can just drag to your KenDoll (my spelling) and dump in the books folder and it will show up on your bookcase (assuming you have your KenDoll connected to a PC).

A great dinner with the Loveland (Colorado) crew. Much talk, much wine, much munching of pork, grilled peppers, broccoli, grilled onions, and yams. Yum. Sorry, no picture.

But we did get into the Grappa de Solear Manzanilla Extra Dry Jerez Xeres Sherry that I brought — though we did run it through their Britta first.

Maybe tomorrow I can figure out how to make a .mobi of a Piglettè upload – it’s much harder as each of the pages is a “graphic” rather than flowable text.

[206.0] Analog, but doctor’s scale.

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