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Sep '12

Wine Cooler Moving Day.

Today is wine cooler moving day. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of it in its assembled form, but here is a shot of it in its disassembled form on the front porch that we were using as a staging area.

Turns out the guy is ex-Microsoft, not unlike myself – and when I mentioned MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) he commented on the fact that I’d shown up with assembly instructions (or in my case, disassemble instructions).

Missy was along for the ride – I’d neglected to say there was work involved and she was in pretty clothes and open toe shoes – but really what I needed her for was the truck, not her back – though she did help with some of the cleaner pieces of the puzzle.

Now it’s stacked in my garage — $350 if you come pick it up and reassemble, $500 if I have to deliver and assemble (Seattle only). If I don’t get any offers by the time I’m done with my birthday travel-about, then I’ll reassemble it in the garage (which will me reorganizing the garage, hence the reason I’d like to sell it).

Dinner with Daniel who is back in town to finish his PhD after his wife said she didn’t want to be with him anymore. I chalk it up to her dealing with aging parents, one of whom is a serious Hollywood Star even today, a decade after a liver transplant. He couldn’t stay more than an hour as he had a friend in critical condition that might not make it through the night. Lots of stuff on his plate, and I’m not talking dinner.

Got a little closer to packed for next week’s trip – got the wine bottles filled with whiskey and resealed for the Princess Cruise from Vancouver to San Francisco, now it’s just time to decide on wardrobe.


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