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Oct '12

Another 90+ Day In Cabo.

You know it’s hot when you just retreat inside for air conditioning during the middle of the day. Yep – 90+ every day.

Three odd photos for the day. First, crackers labeled Crackets – so, if you sell them by the gram will you get arrested?

A lovely sailing ship that like all the catamaran dinner tours never raises it’s sails but just putters around the bay:

And our dinner tonight, chicken fajitas.

Looks like we are eating out tomorrow as our main courses (and breakfasts) have run their course – new plans tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Another 90+ Day In Cabo.”

  1. Susan E Campbell Says:

    Looking to sell off some equipment-HP500PS 42″ if the price is right. Shrink Wrapper, Really good Wire Binder, a tape to disc transfer machine and a lot of other goodies.

    Know anyone who might be interested?

  2. markso Says:

    I don’t have room in my house (or garage for that matter!) for the 42″, I’ve been mildly looking for a 24″, and a laminator — but will pass on information to anyone I can think of.